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DUI’s DiveOps program continues to move forward with providing support and education for Public Safety Teams conducting surface and subsurface waterborne operations . From interactive seminars with speakers from all over the world, to in-water workshops and equipment demonstrations, there is much to be gained by attending any of the listed events. Whether you have a seasoned team or your team is just beginning, you will obtain valuable information.

Public Safety Divers

Seminar Topics May Include:

• Risk Management through Exposure Protection and Decontamination

• The Importance of Standardization with Equipment and SOPs

• Grant Writing and Fundraising Tips

• Entanglement Hazards/Necessities of Full Face Mask and Surface Supplied Air

• Liability Issues Pertaining to Public Safety Water Operations Team

• Case Studies

• Team Building

• Witness Interviewing

•Basic Scuba Skills revisited


FEB 27 Chicago, IL Seminar Our World Underwater
MAR 6 Danvers, MA FFM Boston Sea Rovers
MAR 18-19 Phoenix, AZ Workshop Phoenix Police Dept
MAR 27 Secaucus, NJ Seminar Beneath the Sea
MAR 31-APR 1 Portsmouth, VA Workshop Henrico Fire Dept
APR 22-25 Indianapolis, IN Show FDIC
APR 25 Woodstock, GA Workshop Dive Georgia
JUN 3-7 Lexington, KY Workshop KY Fire School
AUG 1-2 Solano Co, CA Workshop Solano Dive Team
SEP 11 Findlay, OH Workshop Gilboa Quarry
OCT 6-9 Orlando, FL Workshop IADRS Conference
OCT 16 Rawlings, VA Workshop Lake Rawlings
NOV 13 Chiefland, FL Workshop Manatee Springs
NOV 21 Terrell, TX Workshop Clear Springs Scuba Park
Seminar – no in-water, 5 speakers presenting on crucial topics
FFM – full face mask repair class and drysuit field repairs
Workshop – seminars plus in-water component (pool or open water) test drysuits, ffm, and surface supplied air with in-water tips
See below for detailed information on each event.


2015 PS Event Descriptions

Boston Sea Rovers
Interspiro Full Face Mask Repair Certification and Drysuit Field Repair Tips from DUI
When: March 6, 8AM- 5PM
Where: DoubleTree Hotel Danvers, MA
Cost: $225
Includes: Repair Kit, Certification, Lunch
Register: Troy Sandy at Troy@dui-online.com or 800-325-8439 ext 311

Phoenix Police Department Hosts
Risk Management Workshop for Public Safety Divers
When: March 18 – 19, 8AM – 5PM
Where: Seminar: 3030 E Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034
Pool: tbd
OW: Lake Pleasant
Cost: NC, all teams welcome
Includes: Seminar, Pool Workshops on Drysuits, Full Face Mask, and Surface Supplied
Register: Jessica Harned at Jessica@dui-online.com or 800-325-8439 ext 318

Beneath the Sea Hosts
Risk Management Seminar for Public Safety Divers
When: Friday, March 27, 8AM – 5PM
Where: Meadowlands Convention Center, Secaucus, NJ
Cost: $75
Includes: Seminar, Manual, Lunch, Entry into the show Friday night (5-9)
Register: Jessica Harned at Jessica@dui-online.com or 800-325-8439 ext 318

Henrico Fire Dive Team Hosts
The Virginia Public Safety Dive Conference
When: March 30, Interspiro FFM Repair Certification
April 2 – 3 Risk Management Seminar
April 4 Dive Medicine for the First Responder
Where: Portsmouth Police Training Division/309 Columbia Street Portsmouth, VA
Cost: FFM: $200 (includes repair kit)
2-day Seminar and Dive Medicine class: NC
Includes: Seminar, Manual, Lunch, Workshop

When: April 22- 25
Where: Indianapolis Convention Center/Indianapolis, IN
Cost: see FDIC.com for more information
Dive Georgia/DUI Hosts
Risk Management Workshop for Public Safety Divers
When: April 25
Where: Dive Georgia/White, GA
Cost: $15 pre-registration
Includes: Seminar, Manual, Drysuit Demo OW, Surface Supplied Demo OW, Lunch
Register: Jessica Harned at Jessica@dui-online.com or 800-325-8439 ext 318

Kentucky Fire School/Lexington Fire Hosts
When: June 3-7
Where: Heritage Hall/Lexington, KY
Cost: included in the school entry
Includes: Seminar, Manual, 3 pool sessions/workshops, 1 OW session


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