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DOG TRICKS: It’s all in the tuck

DUI Warm Neck Collar Drysuit Hood

Putting your drysuit hood on before the rest of your equipment will insure a good ‘tuck’

DOG Tricks – It’s all in the tuck OR don’t get caught hanging out

Written by Kathy Long, Diver & DUI Web Systems Manager
November 2013

Ever been caught just hanging out? It happens quite a bit. In fact we see this particular fashion statement at DEMOTOURs quite often. Nothing is really wrong with the look. When it comes to warmth though tucked is better.

We’re talking of course about the warm neck collar on your DUI drysuit and the skirt on your DUI self-venting drysuit hood. It’s easy to keep the collar tucked in place during your dive. You just need to don your hood in the proper order.

First put on your drysuit. Next put on your hood. Now ‘tuck’ in the skirt under the warm neck collar.  It’s important to don your hood BEFORE you put on your DUI Weight & Trim System and BCD/tank. Putting your hood on first helps keep the skirt tucked into the warm neck collar.  Tucking in the skirt will give you extra insulation between the latex/silicone neck seal and your skin.  This is the warmest option.

DUI drysuit hoods

To tuck or not? For warmth tucking in your drysuit hood ‘skirt’ will be your warmest option.

EXTRA TRICK: Make your drysuit hood last longer AND take the stress off your neck by taking off your hood the easy way. First pull the chin piece up slightly. Take both hands and grab the hood at the top on each side. Give it a pull and it’s off. This saves wear and tear on both the hood and your neck. We have a super quick video showing just how to do this –DOGTV QUICK TIP – HOW TO MAKE YOUR DRYSUIT HOOD LAST LONGER.


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