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DOG TV - How to replace your DUI ZipSeals on a DUI Drysuit

Drysuit leak test / do-it-yourself

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Bob Stinton,DUI VP Engineering, shows how to test your drysuit for leaks.


Make sure the drysuit is completely dry and placed on a dry surface. Do this outside where you can safely drain the water once the test is complete.


Turn the drysuit inside out. This is important. Overlays, pockets, and pads can prevent a leak from showing.


Use either taper plugs or a beverage can to close off the wrist seals. Tape in place.

Reach in through the neck seal to close the drysuit zipper.


Place a garden hose inside the drysuit through the neck seal . Tie or tape the seal closed. Place an object under the seal to 'lift' up the neck seal. This will prevent water from running out of the neck seal.


As the drysuit fills with water start turning it around and look for wet spots.


Find a leak? Mark with a bar of soap or pen.

Do not fill the drysuit completely with water. Fill partially and move the drysuit around. Look for leaks and wet spots.


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Special thank you to DUI Team Member Bob Stinton.


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