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“For my tec diving in Brazil I selected a custom DUI drysuit”

Ausria Drysuit Diver

Here I am picture in Brazil in my custom DUI drysuit. This photo of me was taken by my best friend, Renata Linger (in black in the group photo below, arms crossed). We were diving at a goldmine opened in the 1800s, now shut down and flooded.

Brazil Drysuit Divers


This is the wagon that takes us up and down. I decided to buy the drysuit because as tec divers we often have long dives that lasts 2 to 3 hours. It is impossible to appreciate and have fun feeling when you are cold not to mention how dangerous it is.

This place is called “Mina da Passagem” and water temperature is around 66*F.

My drysuit was custom made, ordered through dive shop Scubapoint which is owned by my instructor and friend Ricardo Meurer. For us, a drysuit is something very expensive, as our money is almost 4 to 1 on the dollar. We also have to go to America to bring it to Brazil. If we order by mail, our dear government taxes us 100%. Ricardo was kind enough to bring my suit for me. I was amazed with the excellence of your services. We also ordered the undergarment in size medium, thinking it was appropriate for me. You guys were careful and attentive enough to correct and send me the small one, which fitted me perfectly.

Before buying the suit, I did research taking into consideration various aspects and comparing the brands, and I found it would be a better buy, even in terms of the weight of the suit. I really love my drysuit, it’s comfortable, lightweight and really strong-built. It’s for sure the best choice.

I’ve been diving since 1999, but in 2013 I decided to begin my technical training. These days I mostly dive sidemount, as I’m in love with the caves.

Now I have a greater challenge, to train my ten-year-old Fernanda to be your customer in the future!

Marcia Lucas
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Group of Brazil tec divers



Brazil Drysuit Divers