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“DUI FLX EXTREME by far the most comfortable drysuits we have ever owned”

Comfortable Drysuit DUI FLX EXTREME

Our new DUI FLX EXTREME suits are the most comfortable drysuits we have ever owned.

We had been diving neoprene (crushed/compressed), because it is so cold in our waters – 46-50F. We thought that the extra layer of warmth would help. On dive #1, it did. We did not feel the cold as much. As PADI instructors we are in the water and in our suits for extended periods of time. The condensation inside would make the suit clammy on dives 2, 3, and 4. Faith talked us into giving the FLX Extreme suit a try. True to our expectations, the first dive seemed colder, we “felt” the temperature of the water. What we didn’t expect was that subsequent dives were much more comfortable. Just leaving the zipper open allowed the suit to air dry between dives allowed the suit to completely dry out and not have that awful clammy feel. Especially the second morning after leaving it in the truck overnight in 32 degree air, the suit was much nicer to climb into the next day. We would be remiss not to mention our two favorite features; how light it is, and how flexible it is. It is by far the most comfortable suit we’ve ever worn. Whether over Polartec, or Rachel’s favorite the XM450. A special thanks to Michael Hollingshead at Eugene Skin Divers Supply for the great job measuring for the custom fit. We LOVE them!

Here are some photos from the event that took place at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Michael Saker is the photographer. I think he did a great job!

Troy and Rachel Knabe
Eugene, OR

DUI FLX EXTREME – the most comfortable drysuit you’ll ever own

comfortable drysuit womens DUI FLX EXTREME

Rachel Knabe in her DUI FLX EXTREME drysuit with paw print overlay fabric.

comfortable drysuit mens DUI FLX EXTREME

Try Knabe in his DUI FLX EXTREME drysuit with blue camo overlay fabric.

Looking for a comfortable drysuit – look at the DUI FLX EXTRME.