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“DUI Team America drysuit is great in and out of the water”

DUI Team American Drysuit

This surprise photo was taken of me while wearing my DUI Team America drysuit. I found out about it when DUI shared the image on their Facebook page.

I’ve been diving for 20 years and started in the Pacific Northwest. Now I own a dive store Florida Underwater Sports located in Sarasota, Florida.

My drysuit diving career started on my 10th logged dive shortly after being certified. I’ve had the opportunity to try many different drysuits and have always found DUI suits to work the best. The different styles, custom fitting options and excellent workmanship have always met my diving needs in cold or warm water, ocean or caves, beach or boat, recreational or technical diving. As far as the Team America style, it was not my first choice, but I wanted a TLS drysuit for cave diving and the pattern was suggested to me. After having it for a few years now, I’ll admit it is a conversation starter and people (not just divers) love it. Although, when I visit my Canadian friends they don’t seem to get it as much. Currently the majority of my drysuit dives are in the caves of North Florida but there’s a good chance Team America will be with me in Antarctica next year!

A little about our store. Florida Underwater Sports has been a dealer for 5 years. We have strong ties with our local public safety dive teams who all use DUI suits. We have a rental fleet with 30/30 and other TLS suits available to try or for classes. We also have a technical and cave diving community that use drysuits on a regular basis. There are two DUI trained technicians on staff to handle drysuit service and repair.

I had no idea this picture was taken until it showed up on FB. Please pass on my kudos to the photographer.

(Photo was taken by the amazing Dan Wright, Dan Wright Creative Services, who said “Tim struck me as a standout in his DUI Team America drysuit. I just happened to be there at the right place at the right time.”)

Tim Perrault
Sarasota, FL

DUI Team America drysuit design available on premium drysuits.