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“Great Lakes Drysuit Divers – We LOVE diving our DUI’s”

Great Lakes Drysuit Divers

Pictured above from left to right – Matthew, Tracy, Lindsay, Trevor in their Great Lakes Drysuits .  


Here is a photo taken during the first part of April as the four of us head out to the Oriskany 22 miles into the Gulf of Mexico.  Three DUI TLS350 drysuits ranging in age from 22 years old to my wife’s which is about 6 months old.  And Matthew, far left, who is getting ready to dive his DUI CLX450 drysuit for it’s first dive ever.

The four of us dive mostly in the Great Lakes.  Drysuit diving is not an option up here it is really the requirement.  We all love and enjoy diving our DUI drysuits.  Mostly because they keep us warm and comfortable.

My wife Lindsay purchased her DUI custom women’s drysuit after having another brands suit.  Her first drysuit was just a struggle to get in and out of and didn’t fit her really well.  She absolutely loves the fit on her DUI custom TLS350.  Fit is really everything and this drysuit fits her great.  

Matthew has had several drysuits (non-DUI) and these did not work well.  He finally got a DUI and has about 30 dives on it.  Loves diving it and is happy he finally made the switch.

As for myself, my DUI TLS350 has lots and lots of Great Lakes diving on it and it’s about time to get a new one.  Great performance for 22 years.  That’s a fantastic diving record.

We do mostly technical and cave diving.  Performance and being able to count on your equipment is essential.  We would all recommend DUI drysuits to anybody diving in the Great Lakes or wherever drysuits are needed.  We love our Great Lakes Drysuits.

Thanks for a great product!

Tracy Click 
Livonia, MI

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