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“Love diving my ladies TLSSE drysuit”

Ladies TLSSE drysuit

Here I am pictured in my DUI ladies TLSSE drysuit which I absolutely love.

I’m a diver since 1993, I have had my DUI ladies TLSSE drysuit when I started technical diving 5 years ago. Since then DUI is my lifesaver in all kind of dives where the water temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius. It is not only comfortable and handy underwater, but also topside. Truly a wonderful drysuit for all kinds of diving and diving conditions.

Here I am in my ladies TLSSE drysuit after a dive in the Gallipoli Peninsula, Çanakkale, Turkey. You may also spot my DUI RockBoots and hood. My other lifesaver our my XM Thinsulate DiveWear socks inside. I like to say I am Definitely Under Influence :).

This is my DUI story.

Have a nice day!

Deniz Uzuncarsili

Ladies TLSSE Drysuit and more

Are you looking for a ladies drysuit that offers fit, function and value?  The DUI TLSE Drysuit is a perfect option.  Available in Select and Signature sizing let us create your perfect drysuit just for you.

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Design Your Own DUI Drysuit – DUI has thousands and thousands of options for creating your own custom designed drysuit.  Our ladies TLSSE drysuit can be designed just how you like it.  Pink, purple, blue, black with just a touch of color piping – we can build your dream drysuit.  

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