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“As a tech diver I dive a DUI drysuit”

Tech Diver drysuit

As a tech diver I dive a DUI drysuit.

I did my first scuba course in 2002. In 2015 I started tech diving with my first official technical diving course. It was clear that a drysuit was a ‘must’ piece of gear. Especially during the winter times here in Turkey.

My journey to find my drysuit took me to meeting DUI. After looking at their equipment I purchased my DUI tech diving drysuit and have been diving it for two years. I am very happy with the DUI ZipSeals. Another feature I really like are the DUI RockBoots. These are also so comfortable. Overall the drysuit, being a DUI TLS350 trilaminate, is so thin I never feel that ‘pressed’ feeling.

The photo of me is taken after a tech dive. Dive site was near to Istanbul and sea temperature was around 12 degrees Celsius. After spending 40 minutes underwater at that temperature I was still feeling dry and warm and it was amazing.

Thank you for your product.


Umut Gunay
Istanbul, Turkey

Tech Diver Drysuit 

DUI has been the World’s Leader in high performance dive equipment for over 50 years.  If you are a diver and looking for a tech diver drysuit you’ll do well to consider the DUI product line.  We custom building all DUI drysuits at our factory in San Diego, California.  You can select from a wide selection of models.  We make standard sized drysuits and drysuits ‘made-to-measure’.  All DUI made-to-measure drysuits are guaranteed to fit.  Along with a drysuit made to your size specifications you can also select your own colors and accessories to truly create your dream drysuit.  We have lots of options from drysuit boots, drysuit gloves, drysuit abrasion protection pads and more. With our 7 year manufactures warranty and 3 week delivery on all custom drysuits you could be diving your next fully custom tech diving drysuit in weeks.