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DUI Event Calendar

DUI Event Calendar



October TBDPublic Safety Dive Show, Virginia PS Dive Conference, TBD, VA

January 26-February 4 DUI Dive Trip Cuba
February 6-8 Public Safety Dive Show, Firehouse Expo, San Diego Convention Center
February 23-25 Public Safety Dive Show, EMS Today, Salt Lake City, UT
February 24-26 Our World Underwater, Chicago, IL
March 11-12 Boston Sea Rovers, Danvers, MA
March 17-18 Public Safety Event, Houston, TX
March 24 Public Safety Dive Show, Beneath the Sea, Secaucus, NJ
March 24-26 Beneath the Sea, Secaucus, NJ
April 7 Public Safety Event, San Diego, CA
April 10-11 Public Safety Dive Show, CBSOA, Lake Tahoe, CA
April 11 Public Safety Event, Visalia, CA
April 13-14 Public Safety Event, Arcata, CA
April 24-29 Public Safety Dive Show, FDIC, Indianpolis, IN
May TBD Public Safety Event, Boston, MA
May 6-7 Scuba Show, Long Beach, CA
June 17-27 DUI Dive Trip Socorro Islands
July 14-15 Public Safety Event, Chesterfield, IN
September 4-18 DUI Dive Trip Iceland and Greeland
September 23 – October 5 DUI Dive Trip Sea of Cortez
October TBD Public Safety Event, Egg Harbor Township, NJ
October TBD Public Safety Dive Show, IARDS Conference
October 14 Public Safety Event, Somerville, MA
October 16-18 Public Safety Event, Rocky Hill, CT
TBD Public Safety Event, Denver, CO
November 1-4 DEMA, Orlando, FL
November 9-15 DUI Dive Trip Channel Islands
February 18 – March 3 DUI Dive Trip to Antarctica
April Marquesas
April/May DUI Dive Trip to Tasmania – 3 trips April 1-12, April 12-23, April 21-May 2.
July Alaska – Salmon Sharks
September Great White Sharks
March/April South Georgia/Mid Atlantic Ridge Exploration
April/May Tasmania and New Zealand

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