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OMS PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL – AirStream Evoque Regulators

OMS PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL – AirStream Evoque Regulators Sold in the USA Between February & June 2017

Release Date: June 14, 2017

Diving Unlimited International, Inc.

OMS – Ocean Management Systems


If you purchased or are using an OMS AirStream Evoque acquired in the USA (pictured below) between February 1, 2017 and June 11, 2017, discontinue use immediately and contact an authorized retailer or DUI for a replacement unit or full refund (see contact information below).

There is a potential problem with free-flowing compressed air that can rapidly empty the scuba cylinder, presenting a risk of drowning, while using the OMS AirStream Evoque regulators that Diving Unlimited International, Inc. distributes. DUI has learned of two instances where the diaphragm in the first stage of the Evoque has failed, resulting in a free-flow and loss of compressed air from the scuba cylinder.

This recall applies only to AirStream Evoque Regulators distributed and sold in the United States during the above time frame.

For more information contact:

Robert Watts 800-325-8439 E-mail: rcwatts@dui-online.com

Permanent page is up at http://www.dui-online.com/oms_airstream_evoque_regulator_recall/

June 19, 2017