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Blueheat™ Heated DiveWear Insulation

The Next Evolution in Diver Comfort

BlueHeat is electrically heated insulation for the body, hands and feet. It's simple to use, is the most powerful system on the market and it is the only system to meet diver safety standards. Whether you are a technical diver wanting to extend your limits or a recreational diver wanting to wear light insulation while being warmer than you ever thought possible, BlueHeat is the next generation in diver comfort!

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CLICK HERE for a video series about BlueHeat.


Includes Liner, SBS – Smart Battery System & Controller, Port & Charger

BlueHeat™ is designed for all types of divers:

  • TECHNICAL DIVERS Use the heating system during decompression
  • SCIENTIFIC DIVERS Heated gloves will give scientists incredible dexterity for underwater experiments
  • RECREATIONAL DIVERS Augment your insulation for incredible comfort or reduce your insulation for more freedom to move underwater
Suggested Retail: $2,999


DUI Blueheat Liner

  • Men’s Sizes XS S M L XL XXL
  • Lightweight, super-stretch jumpsuit made with soft next-to-skin fleece and lycra outer for easy donning of insulation / with anti-microbial lining
  • Full torso heating with selectable output of 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Heating pads made with high strand Microwire® encased with a thermal protective jacket
  • Four heating pads have independent thermostats and diver protection circuits
  • Liner designed with conduit tunnels for optional accessory wiring harness
  • 6.9V complies to diver safety standards
  • Get 2 hours of 100% power
  • NEW! 3XL and 4XL available upon request. ($1099)
Suggested Retail: $999


DUI Blueheat SBS

  • 12.8 V / 12.5 Amp Hours / 160 Watts
  • Programmed to provide constant & consistent heat throughout the dive
  • Meets safety standards – 12.8V power is bucked down to 6.9V
  • Meets performance standards – 12.8V power is boosted to 14V for light systems
  • Heavy-duty wires and waterproof connectors
  • Battery canister is made of polycarbonate with locking latches and offers multiple mounting options
  • Lid is anodized, powder-coated aluminum
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Encased battery – can be easily exchanged between dives
  • Batteries can be cascaded for extended range expeditions
Suggested Retail: $1,799


DUI Blueheat Controller

  • Allows multiple power settings of 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Provides separate temperature control for liner and gloves/socks
  • LED displays for power settings and battery power level
  • Comes with wrist mount and also has a clip option
  • Operates available accessory light systems
Suggested Retail: $199


DUI Blueheat Port

  • High amp wet connector
  • Can be inserted under inlet valve or through optional separate opening
  • 14 gauge wire for minimal power loss
Suggested Retail: $199


DUI Blueheat Accessory Wiring Harness

  • Sizes S, M, L
  • 18 gauge wire for minimum power loss and maximum power distribution
  • Gold plated connectors
Suggested Retail: $149


DUI Blueheat Gloves

  • Delivers 18 watts of power
  • Designed using the same technology used for the military
  • Men’s Sizes S M L XL
  • Super-stretch material for maximum dexterity
  • Strategically positioned Microwire to maximize heat distribution
  • Heating pad has thermostat and diver protection circuit
  • Extra durable construction
Suggested Retail: $299


DiveWear Socks

  • Men’s Sizes XS S M L XL XXL
  • Delivers 18 watts of power
  • Designed using the same technology used for the military
  • Super-stretch material for maximum dexterity.
  • Strategically positioned Microwire® to maximize heat distribution.
  • Heating pad has thermostat and diver protection circuit
  • Extra durable construction
Suggested Retail: $299




EOS Connector Only for SMS (connect any similar light using EOS connector to SMS)
Suggested Retail: $249

Battery only
Suggested Retail: $399

Charger, 4 Amp Hour
(takes 4 hours to charge an empty battery)
Suggested Retail: $59

What Amos Nachoum, Wildlife photographer, expedition leader, environmentalist, location scout, speaker has to say…
Amos Nachoum BlueHeat heated drysuit insulationI got to dive DUI’s new BlueHeat in Alaska while filming Salmon Sharks. It was simple to use and so incredibly warm that I had to turn it down every 10-15 minutes. It also helped me to do something I could never do before – stay in the 48 degree water over 90 minutes. Not only could I stay in the water that long, I was comfortable. DUI’s BlueHeat is amazingly warm and easy to use!

Amos Nachoum August 2013
What BlueHeat Divers have to say…
Lance MilbrandDUI has done it again! Many years of diving cool waters of California, I discovered the DUI self-donning drysuit and then the Weight & Trim System. These products make cool water diving enjoyable. I thought it could not get any better until I tried DUI’s BlueHeat. WOW – this is a total game changer! Your adjustable, battery powered undergarments that controls a diver’s ability to adjust my own warmth is groundbreaking. I laid along the bottom watching the baby Dungeness crabs walk by, testing the ON and OFF buttons of your battery. ON was a fantastic experience, an underwater fire ring across my chest and back without the smoke. I can only describe OFF as; “Why did I turn it OFF, I want it back ON!”  Learn more about Lance Milbrand, Underwater Photographer, at MilbrandCinema.com.

Lance Milbrand September 2013
Mike Hill DUI BlueHeatI thought that you might like this pic from our New Year’s Day dive. The notable feature is not the icicle covered rocks, but the wonderful BlueHeat canister strapped to the tank. I will produce a detailed review in due course. However, the positive experience I enjoyed in Alexandria Bay NY during the Demo Tour, that convinced me I needed BlueHeat was entirely reflected yesterday. In water just above the freezing point, I had a 37 minute dive that never required more than the first setting to keep me warm and toasty. It’s hard to describe the way this transforms your diving, but I have always told my buddies that I’ve never been too warm underwater. That may be changing – in the very best way. I could have stayed underwater yesterday right up to the exhaustion of the battery pack…

Blue Heat is a wonderful innovation – I’ll be doing my best to make my friends aware that it’s worth every cent, if you intend to dive cold water and you’d prefer it’s not an exercise in endurance.

All the best Mike Hill

Mike Hill January 2014


Cari Barand DUI BlueHeat

I’d like to tell you a story of a girl named Cari. For 4 years she dreamed of being a scuba diver at the Seattle Aquarium. She spent many days over the years in front of the exhibits engaging audiences and introducing them to Diver Katie or Diver Nicole. Even though she was a diver in her free time, she dreamed of being Diver Cari. One day her dream came true! Two years ago she was chosen to be the next Seattle Aquarium Interpretive Diver! Luckily when she joined the program in the fall the water temperatures peaked at 54 degrees so she was able to fine-tune her buoyancy and learn proper mic placement so she could feed wolf eels with enthusiasm. Then winter came. Familiar with the 46 degree water temperatures of winters’ past she didn’t think twice, but forgot to take into consideration exhibit diving is often less active than recreational diving. Cari regularly spent 70 minutes or more spent floating in one small space presenting shows, giving underwater high fives, and feeding those adorable wolf eels. Her body just didn’t generate the same heat. Before she knew it her lips were turning a lovely shade of blue, goose bumps covered her arms, and her hands started to ache. “ No worries, more layers will do the trick!” she thought to herself. And help they did, for the most part, but her hands … her poor little hands just never stayed warm.

Until one day….

The BlueHeat System from DUI showed up! The days of freezing cold hands were over. No more bright red, achy joints. No more running hot water over them for 5 minutes to get them back to normal. Today she got out of the exhibit with WARM hands (and warm body too)!!! Now she dreams of the heated booties and more cold water exhibits to dive in!


Cari Garand Seattle Aquarium

Cari Garand April 2014
Cameron Jackson BlueHeat video testimonial

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words we invite you to watch this quick video clip. Cameron Jackson came all the way down from Canada to test dive BlueHeat at the Tacoma DUI DEMOTOUR. Love at first dive? You decide. Click here to watch.

Cameron Jackson April 2014