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For divers needing safety meet the DUI CXO Drysuit. The ultimate suit for contaminated water diving. Designed to be part of a system that completely encapsulates the diver, the CXO Drysuit is quickly becoming the standard for Contaminated eXtreme Operations for Public Safety Diving. The unique features of this drysuit include a lightweight, durable polyurethane laminated fabric on the inside as well as the outside making it easy to decontaminate, contaminated water valves, and the ability to be made-to-measure.

DUI Drysuit CXO

The DUI CXO Drysuit is available for Dealer of Record Program.


  • Drysuit fabric is a trilaminate material made of polyurethane laminated fabric ASTM. F739-07 in black and red with polyurethane on the inside as well as outside
  • Polyurethane shoulder-entry zipper
  • YKK metal waterproof zipper
  • Suspenders
  • Reinforced pads at the knees, waist, and shoulders
  • Contaminated water Apeks swivel inlet valve and adjustable,
  • automatic exhaust valves with dual fluorosilicone diaphragms
  • 36” rubber inflator hose with over-sized quick disconnect
  • Patented ZipSeals™ on the neck with latex neck/hood combination
  • Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro 300 Hood Liner
  • Patented ZipGloves™ with wrist dam and liners
  • Select your size of attached socks with RockBoots™
  • Includes a DUI drysuit bag, talc and ZipStick™

Design Your Own (Learn More) CXO™ Drysuit with choice of

    • Patches:
      DUI with Public Safety Patch
      DUI Special Operations Patch


DUI CXO™ Drysuit Pricing

SELECT SERIES Select from 15 Men’s Sizes – See Size Chart Government Price: *$2523 SIGNATURE SERIES DUI uses 20 measurements to custom tailor your drysuit for a perfect fit for men and women. Because of the unique materials of this suit, a Signature Series patch is not included.CXO drysuit helmet yoke
Government Price: *$2823 CXO HELMET YOKE  Attached to the CXO Drysuit – For Kirby Morgan Helmet Government Price: *$345


*Please note that Government Prices are extended to individuals and entities in the Public Safety Community.


The DUI CXO Contaminated Water Diving Drysuit has been authorized by NAVSEA for addition to the Approved for Military Use (AMU) list.  Due to its unique polyurethane material and design it combines lightweight material technology with robust protection from chemical and biological contaminants.  In addition to the suit material, it features DUI’s patented ZipSeals and unique contaminated water valves and waterproof zipper.  The DUI CXO Drysuit is Berry Compliant and is manufactured at the DUI facility in San Diego , CA.


Permeation test results of CXO polyurethane material provided by ICS Inc. Laboratories, Brunswick, Ohio

The chemicals that were selected for testing were the same chemicals tested in FEMA’s comparative study in 1993:

Protective Clothing and Equipment Needs of Emergency Responders for Urban Search and Rescue Missions. FEMA selected these 5 chemicals as representatives of the chemicals most likely to be encountered by divers. Selected chemicals are not water reactive, have vapor pressures less than 250mm Hg (which means they will not evaporate spontaneously) and are miscible in water. As in the FEMA study, chemicals were tested in a concentration equal to their maximum solubility in water up to a concentration of 10% which represented the extreme limit of exposure. A complete copy of the FEMA report may be found on the DUI website: http://www.dui online. com/pdf/fema_report_excert.pdf


The results for the permeation resistance of Red/Black PU laminated fabric, as assessed by ASTM F739-07 are summarized in Table 1 below. The data reports the initial breakthrough time (first when the lowest detectable permeation rate is evident), the normalized breakthrough time (first when the permeation rate of 0.1ìg/cm2 /min for open loop system is detected), and the Steady State Permeation Rate are reported. During the 480 minutes test period, if a stable permeation rate was not reached, the Steady State Permeation Rate was not calculated. The cumulative permeation (<6.0ìg in 1 hour period), as outlined in the NFPA 1951-07, section 845.4; “Chemical Permeation Resistance” was used as the pass/fail criteria for the fabric.

TABLE 1 – Permeation Resistance of Red/Black PU Laminated Fabric (ASTM 7939-07)
Chemical Challenge Average Normalized Breakthrough Time (min) Average Steady State Permeation (µg/cm2) Cumulative Permeation per Hour (µg/cm2) Results NFPA 1951 (<6.0µg/hr)
10% Acetone in water >480 ND 0 Pass
Dichloromethane in water 24 NA 2.6 Pass
N-Hexane in water >480 ND 0 Pass
10% Sulfuric acid in water >480 ND 0 Pass
Toluene in water >180 ND 0 Pass


The DUI CXO drysuit is designed to be worn as a completely encapsulating unit, with attached gloves and attached hood in combination with a full face mask, in order to minimize diver contact with hazardous materials. Contaminated water diving requires specialized training. The DUI Drysuit Owner’s Manual and the DUI CXO Drysuit Owner’s Manual covers only the basics of drysuit functions and care. It should not be used as a substitute for drysuit instruction, OSHA HAZWOPER courses or contaminated water dive training. It is important for the user to understand that exposure protection does not eliminate the risks associated with contaminated water diving.

When used properly, as part of a complete hazardous diving program which should include all steps for planning through definitive decontamination, the use of a drysuit may minimize these risks. Please seek proper professional instruction when diving in contaminated water.

Read Woody Morrison’s CXO Testimonial

What DUI CXO drysuit owners have to say…

Woody Morrison DUI CXO drysuitI’ve had my current CXO drysuit for 2 years now and have abused it beyond my normal levels. I’ve slid over rusty metal, climbed countless ladders, took two 10’ falls in full gear, repelled down the side of a damn and been overly verbally abusive with it. I even had a 300 gallon-per-minute suction hose clamp down on it; gotta say the drysuit fared far better than my leg did. It at least worked the next day. The suit is on dive #1013 and has over 2500 underwater hours on it, plus a few lunches above water.

Woody Morrison