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Thinsulate™ XM250 Jumpsuit

Mobility and Comfort

The choice for extended duration, decompression diving & polar diving. Its innovative design combines the highest quality materials to provide exceptional warmth, mobility and comfort.

Xm250™ Jumpsuit 50°- 65°F

DUI Insulation XM250

  • Men’s sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Made with Thinsulate™ Insulation 200 gm/gm with provides the greatest amount of warmth per unit of thickness available -black
  • Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro (560 gm/m2) panels in arms, waist, legs and wrist for maximum stretch, warmth and comfort
  • Wind-and-spray resistant outer shell with high tenacity technical ripstop
  • Fleece lining for warmth and comfort
  • Antimicrobial liner
  • Two¬way torso zipper
  • Two zippered hip pockets
  • Zippered chest pocket
  • Stand¬up collar for extra warmth
  • 2” Stirrups and thumb loops
  • Includes DUI DiveWear Tote Bag
Suggested Retail: $558

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Thinsulate Insulation 200 BZ is hydrophobic meaning the material will retain over 70% of its original warmth fully soaked making the Xm250 an excellent jumpsuit for divers doing long range dives in which decompression is required. The Polartec PowerStretch offers superior stretch providing excellent mobility.

Why do we Use Thinsulate™ and Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation?

Casey McKinlay reviews DUI’s Xm250 DiveWear

(Below is an excerpt from Casey’s review. Click here to read Casey’s complete review.)

Any diver out there looking for the right product to go with their new DUI drysuit (or any drysuit) or existing divers looking to replace that old, well used or unwashed undergarment will not be disappointed with the Xm250. I strongly encourage those looking to enhance their diving experience to make a performance driven, long term, quality, and non-gimmicky investment in the Xm250 or give one a try through your local DUI dealer or upcoming DUI DOG Rally & Demo Tour event. You will not be disappointed!

Did I mention the Xm450 boots are also a new favorite???

Why do we Use Thinsulate™ and Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation? Click here to find out

What DUI Xm250 owners have to say…
Teresa Xm250 drysuit insulationWhat can I say? I love my DUI drysuit more than words can tell. My custom cut FLX EXTREME fits me like a glove and keeps me toasty warm on long dives in beautiful Monterey Bay. With the addition of the Xm250 undergarment and DUI ZipGloves, I can spend hours mesmerized by undersea life in luxurious comfort. Teresa Luther Spring 2013
Andre DUI Xm250 drysuit divewearShark diving at Guadalupe Island, Mexico. We knew ahead of time that we were supposed to stay submerged for 5 hours a day every day. With a water temperature of 20 Celsius there was no doubt in our minds that this was an adventure best suited to our DUI TLS350 drysuits and DUI Xm250 DiveWear. André Valentim Summer 2012