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DUI Doesn’t Just Raise The Bar

We Reinvent It With Every Drysuit We Make

We know that people come in all different shapes and sizes, we specialize in designing drysuits for the individual.
Using your measurements and your choices from virtually thousands of combinations, we create a drysuit just for you.

1. Select
Your Divewear Insulation

Consider the coldest waters you will want to dive in and select the insulation for that dive. Being able to layer for that dive means you can wear less for warmer waters. Get everything you need to stay warm with one of our DiveWear Insulation Packages.

2. Select
The Sizing for You

Can you fit into one of DUI’s 33 Select sizes for men and women or do you want a made-to-measure Signature Series? No matter who you are, we can fit YOU! And with our color choices, your DUI can be as unique as you are.

3. Select
Your Drysuit Style

What is the durability that you need for your diving? What other qualities are important to you? Lightweight, quickdrying, or bulletproof? See all our different styles below to help choose the right style for YOU.

4. Select
The Add-Ons & Accessories

We’ve got pockets, knee pads, gloves, hoods and more to keep you warm and comfortable anywhere. To make is easy, you can select from one of DUI’s popular accessory packages.