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Hot water suits and drysuit systems for commercial divers.

From saturation divers working 600' below the surface to a commercial diver inspecting bridge pilings, DUI provides exceptional exposure protection to keep divers working in the world's harshest environments.

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    CF200X Drysuit

    The DUI CF200X drysuit is truly a legend! The choice for wreck & commercial divers Only DUI has crushed neoprene! We take 3mm neoprene and put the material through a process which it actually off-gases and crushes it to about 1mm. This makes a very dense, stretchy material that offers the ultimate in protection from the environment. The CF200 is the choice for wreck and commercial divers and those that want a drysuit that is virtually bulletproof.

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  • DUI CF200SE drysuit


    CF200SE Drysuit

    Meet the CF200SE drysuit. This shoulder entry drysuit is designed with the same rugged construction as our CF200X drysuit. You’ll be amazed at the comfort and durability of our patented crushed foam series. This drysuit will last any diver for years.

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  • CXO drysuit by DUI



    For divers needing safety meet the DUI CXO Drysuit. The ultimate suit for contaminated water diving. Designed to be part of a system that completely encapsulates the diver, the CXO Drysuit is quickly becoming the standard for Contaminated eXtreme Operations for Public Safety Diving. The unique features of this drysuit include a lightweight, durable polyurethane laminated fabric on the inside as well as the outside making it easy to decontaminate, contaminated water valves, and the ability to be made-to-measure.

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  • DUI Commercial Hot Water Suits

    Unlimited Heat

    Developed and patented in the early 1970’s, DUI Hot Water Systems made diving possible in the North Sea. DUI is still the standard for commercial diving operations around the world.

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