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Divewear Insulation

All insulation is not created equal

DUI uses only elite materials that provide exceptional performace under pressure.
1. Select
Your Divewear Insulation

Consider the coldest waters you will want to dive in and select the insulation for that dive. Being able to layer for that dive means you can wear less for warmer waters. Get everything you need to stay warm with one of our DiveWear Insulation Packages.

2. Select
The Sizing for You

Can you fit into one of DUI’s 33 Select sizes for men and women or do you want a made-to-measure Signature Series? No matter who you are, we can fit YOU! And with our color choices, your DUI can be as unique as you are.

3. Select
Your Drysuit Style

What is the durability that you need for your diving? What other qualities are important to you? Lightweight, quickdrying, or bulletproof? See all our different styles below to help choose the right style for YOU.

4. Select
The Add-Ons & Accessories

We’ve got pockets, knee pads, gloves, hoods and more to keep you warm and comfortable anywhere. To make is easy, you can select from one of DUI’s popular accessory packages.

  • Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro DiveWear Insulation

    Polartec® PowerStretch® Pro made with double layer all-way stretch Polartec PowerStretch fleece 560 gm/m2. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizing. Also available in Special Production made-to-order sizing. Temperature Rating* 45 ° – 60 °

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  • Save on DUI DiveWear Insulation Packages

    DUI DiveWear Insulation Packages

    DUI has designed DiveWear Packages to make selecting the right insulation easy while saving you money!

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  • Thinsulate™ XM450 Jumpsuit

    With feedback from divers around the world, DUI combined Thinsulate™ Ultra 400 Insulation Type BZ with Polartec® PowerStretch® to provide the warmest and closest fitting undergarment possible. Temperature Rating* 28° – 45°

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  • Thinsulate™ XM250 Jumpsuit

    Due to the XM450’s popularity, DUI is pleased to introduce a lighter-weight version for divers wanting the same qualities for warmer waters or shorter duration dives. Temperature Rating* 50 ° – 65°

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  • ActionWear™ Pro DiveWear

    Designed to look great in or out of the water. ActionWear Professional is made with double-layer fleece with pill resistant, watershed outer jersey 560 gm/m2 with plush velour lining. Temperature Rating* 45 ° – 60 °

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  • EcoDiveWear base layer insulation for drysuit


    Made with 75% Recycled Materials – Stay Warm, Look Hot and Save the Planet!
    DUI divers (DOGs) are as conscientious about their environment as they are cool. That’s why DUI chose Polartec® Power Dry® as the material to bring men and women leading edge divewear liners that serve multiple purposes

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  • Blueheat™ Heated DiveWear Insulation

    CLICK HERE to test dive BlueHeat at a local dive retailer. CLICK HERE for a video series about BlueHeat.      

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