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Drysuit systems and high
performance waterproof bags
for special operations.

DUI has provided the U.S. Armed Forces and friendly foreign military with the highest quality equipment available for over thirty years. Working directly with the operators, DUI designs and customizes products for a particular mission or set of requirements.

DUI Military Clients Include:

US Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Swimmers - US Coast Guard Divers - US Navy SEAL Teams - US Air Force ParaRescue & Combat Control Units - US Army Combat Divers - US Marine Corps Raid and Recon - US Navy EOD Groups - US Navy MDSU Groups - USN UCT’s - US Secret Service - Italian Fire Brigade - German GSG9 - Polish GROM - French MOD & Special Police - Norwegian Navy and Army - Danish Navy & Army - Australian Navy - Italian Navy - Belgium MOD - Israel Navy - Greek Navy - Chilean Navy - United Arab Emirates