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Weight & Trim System


DUI Weight Trim System
Get the weight off your back and increase your diving comfort with the DUI Weight& Trim™ System. The harness allows you to comfortably wear up to 40 pounds and lets you adjust the weights up and down, forward and back so you can put your weights right where you want them.

DUI’s patented System uses a pull-cord system that secures the weight pockets. A large, easy grip handle can be pulled to dump the weights. The benefits of this DUI Weight & Trim System are:

  • The diver can dump half of the weights at a time
  • As the weights are on a lanyard, once the handle is pulled, the weights can be held away from the body
  • The DUI Weight & Trim System can be worn under most any BC, and is perfect for both wetsuit and drysuit diving.

The DUI Weight & Trim System can be worn under most any BC, and is perfect for both wetsuit and drysuit diving.

Learn more about the DUI Weight & Trim System by downloading the Weight & Trim Owners Manual

Sizes S, M, L
Suggested Retail: $124

Replacement Pockets, Pair
Suggested Retail: $70


DUI Weight and Trim System for scuba divers

What DUI owners have to say…
Wouldn’t use my dry suit without my Weight & Trim System. Takes all of the guess work out of preparing for the dive. I have NEVER needed ankle weights on a dive. Love the system. Would recommend to everyone. Ellen Ronk May 29, 2013
We don’t dive without our Weight & Trim Systems. We used the first prototypes and have used the various iterations of the system ever since. Steven M. Barsky May 29, 2013
Been diving Weight & Trim System for 6 years both wet and dry and won’t go back! Ian Hamilton May 29, 2013
I’ve owned one since doing my OW certification, even when diving wet. I’m not very weight belt compatible, so the Weight & Trim System works great for me, even when I’m only using a couple of pounds of lead. Now that I’ve gone dry and carrying substatially more weight, it’s proven to be one of the best “investments” I made in early gear purchases. Tavis Dixon May 29, 2013
I like my Weight & Trim System, it makes balancing so easy !! Edward Roznowski May 29, 2013
Love the Weight & Trim System.  Easy to reroute weights even underwater if necessary to adjust trim. No more weight belts slipping off, no overloaded BCDs. Easily adjustable to various positions. Fantastic. Wendy Quimby May 29, 2013