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Comfortable and Convenient

Never miss a dive again! All DUI drysuits include patented DUI ZipSeals that allow you the ability to change out a torn neck or wrist seal in minutes. Or remove wrist ZipSeals and install ZipGloves for the warmest hands you've ever had.

DUI ZipSeals are available in Latex and Silicone.


  • Patented by DUI
  • Available in silicone and latex
  • Included on all DUI drysuits*
  • New G2 neck ZipRing available for people with a larger head circumference (latex only)

*Available as an upgrade on DUI’s Value Priced TLSSE and CNSE drysuits

DOG Trick – Installation Tip for Silicone Neck Zipseal

Latex or Silicone for seals? What’s the best?

Silicone ZipSeal Q&A

NEW G2 neck ZipRing

For ZipGloves please See ZipGloves

Watch DOGTV for:
How to remove and replace wrist ZipSeals
How to install ZipGloves
How to remove and replace your neck ZipSeal
How to install your Silicone Zipseals
How to install your G2 neck ZipSeal

ZipSeal Parts

Silicone Wrist, pair – NEW!
Suggested Retail: $148 BUY NOW

Silicone Neck – NEW!
Suggested Retail: $148 BUY NOW

Latex Wrist, Standard, pair
Suggested Retail: $118 BUY NOW

Latex Wrist, Heavy-Duty, pair
Suggested Retail: $128 BUY NOW

Latex G1 Neck
Suggested Retail: $128 BUY NOW

Latex Neck/Hood Combo G1
Suggested Retail: $238 BUY NOW

Latex G2 Neck
Suggested Retail: $138 BUY NOW

Latex Neck/Hood Combo G2
Suggested Retail: $258 BUY NOW

What DUI ZipSeal owners have to say…


DUI ZipSeals really saved my day.  I love how easy they are to install.  I keep spare ZipSeals in my dive kit and my trusty ‘seal only scissors’.  Within minutes I was ready to dive.  Thank you DUI!  Watch ZipSeals save the day for diver Laura James and watch how fast and easy you can be back in the water and ready to dive.
Laura James


Douglas Seifert loves DUI silicone ZipSealsI am delighted to report that your new silicone seals are a success beyond my hopes and imagination. I was able to spend five hours a day in the water at Guadalupe, completely dry and absolutely comfortable thanks to DUI’s beautifully constructed suit, and the addition of a leak-free, tear-free, comfortable silicone ZipSeals.
Douglas Seifert


Colin DUI silicone ZipSealsWe were doing some ice diving adventures in Lake Simcoe at Kempenfest Bay in Barrie, Ontario. The silicone ZipSeals are amazing, absolutely no leaks and much more comfortable than latex. Great suit, best I’ve EVER used. I high recommend DUI.
Colin Sztronga


Johan Petersson DUI ZipSealsI particularly love the DUI ZipSeals. The ZipSeals are one of the things that makes this drysuit really great. If you get a leaky seal, just change it in between dives. No more messy gluing late at night at sea. And I don´t need to bring along my old moldy suit as a spare. Just love it!
Johan Petersson