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Special Operations Drysuit Patch by DUIDUI has a new drysuit patch designed specifically for Public Safety Divers. It’s called SPECIAL OPERATIONS. Why?

“There is such a unique variety in the missions a team undergoes. Most people do not realize the intense conditions, training, and circumstances Public Safety Divers take on with every dive, for their communities,” said DUI Public Safety Specialist, Jessica Harned. “We realize this and feel it is important to recognize these outstanding men and women while supporting them to be safer.”

“In designing this patch, we modified the waves to be red, white and blue because we are very proud to build suits for them at the DUI Factory in San Diego, California”, said DUI President, Susan Long.

DUI specializes in providing unique drysuit configurations to meet the needs of each dive team. DUI has multiple drysuit styles available and can be customized with pockets, pads, seals and more. Whether it’s for surface rescue, ice diving, swift water, or contaminated water, DUI has the drysuit system for you.

Want this new patch on your next order of Public Safety drysuits from DUI? Just ask! And if you don’t remember, don’t worry, because we will ask YOU! Because at DUI, YOU are what it’s all about.

February 28, 2014