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Let the DUI Team Members Amaze You!



Account Manager
(619)236-1203 x 311 (619) 884-6337

When Jay was 16 years old he was given the opportunity to go to Hawaii for the Total Eclipse. During his visit he received his open water certification in Kamuela. Being underwater and on the reef was a life changing experience.

“For me it is about the experience of exploration, experiencing the beauty of the oceans, and the sense of tranquility it provides. The ocean opens a whole new world for me. It has been my greatest joy exploring the world’s oceans, from the kelp forest of Southern California to the warm waters of the Caribbean and South Pacific … and I have only yet to scratch the surface.”




Senior Account Manager
(800)325-8439 (619)236-1203 x318

Jessica is DUI’s Customer Support Manager and Public Safety Specialist. Prior to joining DUI six years
ago, she was the Manager at Huron Scuba in Michigan.

Jessica began her diving career while she was at college at Humboldt State University in 1999. She
originally took diving as a PE class – something she had always wanted to try. As soon as she jumped
in the pool, she fell in love.

“Diving didn’t come easy to me in the beginning. I ‘floundered’ a lot. But I loved every minute of it and I
took every class that I could.” Jessica holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and Conservation and a Minor in
Scientific Diving and Underwater Research. She’s also a dive instructor.

What does Jessica love best about working at DUI? “I love how much our customers love diving and
love DUI. It’s really a joy speaking with them every day. I also love the integrity that DUI has and that we
won’t just put something out there because it’s the ‘in’ thing to do. At DUI we really believe in producing
the very best product in the world.”

Jessica also works closely with public safety dive teams through the DUI DEMOTOUR events, shows
and presentations. “I really like working with these teams and educating them about how to protect
themselves when they are doing such amazing things for their communities. It’s all about how to be
safer through exposure protection. Plus the fire trucks are pretty cool!”

When Jessica is not at DUI, helping public safety divers stay safer or out diving, she has a beautiful
daughter, Sarah and some pretty rambunctious dogs.

DUI Team Member Jessica Harned



Director of Military & Commercial Sales
(800)325-8439 (619)236-1203 x310

Carol joined DUI over 25 years ago after graduating from San Diego State University with a business
degree. She quickly joined the Government Sales Team and now Carol is DUI’s Director of
Government & Commercial Sales.

Carol really enjoys working with DUI’s military customers. It’s not just because her Dad is a WWII
veteran or that she married a USCG Helicopter Rescue Swimmer. It’s because of DUI’s commitment to
the customer and to the product.

“I love the fact that we are able to create and build a product from scratch that helps our brave men and
women perform their job better in their environment. What we do is unique and then we adapt the
product especially for them.

“I also love the fact that DUI provides unwavering commitment to the highest quality products and
service whether it’s a local Navy EOD Team or a friendly, foreign military halfway across the world. We
always come through for our customer no matter what.”

DUI takes great pride in servicing all types of military and government customers. We design and build
drysuits, insulation, and military-grade waterproof bags for everything as normal as a hand-held radio
and night vision goggles to 55hp outboard motors, mountain bikes and chainsaws. We will also pull out
all the stops if there is an unexpected early deployment.

“I really like working with our military and government customers. After all, who wouldn’t want to work
with these guys and gals? They are amazing!”

DUI Team Member Carol Heaton



Account Manager
(800)325-8439 (619)236-1203 x326

Janet Mariscal join the DUI Team in July 2009. She brought excellent customer service skills
and a fantastic attitude and has been expanding her talents ever since. Janet has also become an avid scuba diver and is now proud to be an Account Manager with dealers in both the United States and Canada.

Janet says “I really enjoy working with so many different people. As a DUI Account Manager I get the opportunity to work closely with dealers and divers. This helps them to keep diving and enjoy travel to extreme places. In my current role I also travel to consumer shows and train dealers on DUI and OMS products and services. I really love doing this. As a diver myself I can understand what divers expect from their equipment. Nobody makes better dive equipment or provides better service than DUI. It’s a real privilege to be part of the DUI Team. I am excited about the future and I hope to be talking with you soon.”

Janet Mariscal



Regional Manager DUI/OMS
(757) 679-1930 cell

Pete started his diving career in 1976 at Central Skindivers in NY. He actively contributes in various levels in the dive community as a Tech Instructor, CCR diver/Instructor, Sidemount diver/Instructor, Photographer, Writer and Industry Consultant. He joined DUI/OMS in 2014 to help bring OMS back into the US Dive Industry. He also works with Dive stores and PSD teams on DUI products and services. He can be found at many Northeast Consumer dive shows and local diving events. His articles and photography are found throughout the Dive community.

“The opportunity to work with DUI with a rich history and has made many contributions to the diving world is exciting and rewarding. A process that has continued for over 50 years. Working with a group of people with many unique talents, leads to exciting opportunities and evolving learning experiences. Helping other divers expand their skills and learning new techniques is a reward with in itself”
Pete Nawrocky



Export Sales Representative
(619) 770-8549

Oren is DUI’s Director of Export Sales and most likely everyone has talked to Oren at one time or
another! While his main responsibility is working with DUI’s international customers, he’s always there to
help out Customer Support when the phone rings or at a DUI DEMOTOUR event. In fact, he was just at
Wazee Lake in Wisconsin last month where he measured over 15 people.

Oren joined the DUI Team in October 2006 in Customer Support. He’s got quite a unique background
as he used to be a trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and liked to dive as a hobby. He
decided he had enough with finance and took off to Mexico where he led dives. Prior to coming to DUI
he was a dive instructor at Aqua Tech Dive Center in San Diego.

Oren was promoted to DUI’s Director of Export Sales in March 2008. Oren speaks fluent French and
Spanish. He really enjoys the interaction with the different cultures. On behalf of DUI he’s traveled
throughout Europe, Australia, Korea, Brazil, United Kingdom, Singapore & Japan.

When Oren isn’t out driving business for DUI, he’s at home with his wife, Dulce and two children.

DUI Team Member Oren Shaffer