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Latex Seals For Drysuits and Trimming Guide


The sizing guide below is for regular latex seals only. Do not use this guidelines for heavy-duty or RS-style latex wrist seals.


If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact your local DUI dealer or DUI Customer Service at 800.325.8439, 619.236.1203 or Support@DUI-Online.com.

Neck Seal Drysuit Sizing Table

When trying on a neck ZipSeal that is not on a drysuit, be sure to trim it at least one ring size too small. Then try on the neck ZipSeal again after it is installed in the drysuit. The weight of the drysuit can pull on the neck seal making it feel looser. Trim additional rings if necessary.

Trim Line Neck (in) Neck (mm) drysuit neck seal cutting guide
Trim Line 11 13 330
Trim Line 10 13.5 343
Trim Line 9 14 356
Trim Line 8 14.5 368
Trim Line 7 15 381
Trim Line 6 15.5 394
Trim Line 5 16 406
Trim Line 4 16.5 419
Trim Line 3 17 432
Trim Line 2 17.5 445
Trim Line 1 18 457

Wrist Seal Drysuit Sizing Table (for standard latex seals only)

NOTE: Do not use this guideline for heavy-duty or RS-style latex wrist seals.

Trim Line Wrist (in) Wrist (mm) drysuit wrist seal cutting guide
Trim Line 10 4.5 114
Trim Line 9 5 127
Trim Line 8 5.5 140
Trim Line 7 6 152
Trim Line 6 6.5 165
Trim Line 5 7 179
Trim Line 4 7.5 191
Trim Line 3 8 203
Trim Line 2 8.5 216
Trim Line 1 8.75 222

Latex neck and wrist seals are trimmed to fit to provide a comfortable water-tight seal. Latex seals are tapered and have a series of trim lines (small raised lines running around the outside surface of the seal.) The trim lines start at the seal opening and each line gets progressively bigger. These lines can be used as a guide when trimming the seals to keep the line even. A good pair of scissors is needed to make smooth cuts. Use the Seal Sizing Table above to determine the best starting point for you.


Start by measuring the circumference of your neck and wrists and compare these measurements to the Seal Sizing Table. This will establish a starting point. If your wrists are different sizes you can trim each seal to match each wrist.


Try on the seal (it isn’t necessary to put the entire drysuit on to try the neck seal.) For the neck seal, position the seal as low on your neck as possible. It should be snug, but not tight. If you are new to drysuit diving, a snug neck seal may feel a bit uncomfortable out of the water. Once in the water, a properly timed neck seal is comfortable.

Wrist seals should be worn just above the wrist bone*. They should be snug but not tight and should not restrict blood flow to the hands. If you experience tingling in your hands, trim seals further.


If this is the first time you have trimmed seals and you are concerned about over trimming the seals, start by moving down one size than shown on the Seal Sizing Table. If the table recommends trimming at line 5, start by trimming at line 6 and check the fit. If the seal is overly snug you may want to make an additional trim between lines 5 and 6. Trim in small step.


*A percentage of divers have a tendon that causes an indentation when the wrist is curved. This will cause a leakage when the wrist is flexed during the dive. In this case the diver should wear the seal higher on the wrist (up the arm) past the tendons.


Special Note on Latex Ankle Seals: There is only one trim line on latex ankle seals. In the event you receive a drysuit and the ankle seal has not been trimmed, trim the ankle seal on the trim line.


ANKLE SEALS - Putting the Drysuit Seals On

Some DUI drysuit models are equipped with latex ankle seals:

ANKLE SEALS - Taking the Drysuit Seals Off