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DUI Drysuit Owners of the Week for Fall 2012

FALL 2012

James diving his CLX450 DUI drysuitJames: With my DUI CLX450 Signature Series drysuit I can do it ALL.... read more.
Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers exclusively in DUI drysuits Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers: 3 generations of DUI USCG Helicopter Rescue Swimmers used exclusively... read more.
Joe diving in his TLS350 DUI drysuitJoe: It's pretty simple. My DUI keeps me warm and smiling for more diving .... read more.
Mark loves diving in his DUI FLX EXTREME drysuitMark: I love my new FLX Extreme and the fit is 'WOW' .... read more.
Phil pictured in his Team America DUI drysuitPhil: I am absolutely blown away with my new DUI drysuit .... read more.
Dirk loves his new DUI TLS350 make to measure drysuitDirk: At 6' 7" my new DUI made-to-measure drysuit fits me perfectly .... read more.
Sarah and Iain in their DUI drysuitsSarah: At 4' 11" I had a difficult time finding a drysuit until I got my DUI .... read more.
Fred loves his DUI TLS350 drysuitFred: I bought my DUI TLS350 drysuit in 2005 and I love it .... read more.
These divers love diving warm and comfortable in their DUI drysuitsSylvie, Daniel, Davis, Manon, Lise, Gaetan and Jo-Ann: Love diving Vancouver Island in their DUI drysuits.... read more.
Woody diving DUI's CXO contaminated water drysuit for public safety diversWoody: I have a new favorite DUI - the CXO drysuit.... read more.
Doug Seifert loves the new DUI silicone ZipSealsDoug: I love the new DUI silicone ZipSeals.  It's a game changer.... read more.
Be our next DOG of the Week - DUI drysuit ownerBe our next DOG of the Week... read more.


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DUI drysuit owner of the week


"We love the new DUI Rescue Swimmer drysuit"


United States Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers in their DUI drysuits
Picture in the photo from left to right AST1 Claude Morrissey, AST1 Jason Bunch, AST2 Dave Burns.




Here are three USCG Helicopter Rescue Swimmers shown wearing three generations of DUI Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer drysuits. These suits are exclusively used year round in Kodiak. "We used them this past week during wet drill training, we will always love the blue and orange one, but the new trilam (worn by Claude Morrissey) is just amazing and quickly becoming the new favorite"


We love DUI!




Claude Morrissey AST1
USCG Air Station Kodiak
Kodiak, AK



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