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DOG TV - learn about DUI drysuits, zipseals, divewear, weight and trims and more

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What makes DUI the best … for over 40 years? You will discover why as you follow a diver as he researches DUI, visits his local dealer, and orders his very own DUI drysuit system. Then follow his suit through the DUI factory in San Diego as it is cut, assembled, sealed, tested and inspected. You will experience the quality and workmanship that goes into every DUI drysuit we make.

10:00 minutes

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DUI DOG Rally & Demo Tour

Experience the excitement of the annual DUI DOG Rally & Demo Tour! Held at popular dive sites throughout the US, divers get to experience the comfort of drysuit diving in a fun and informative setting. Public Safety divers join in the adventure with a special one-day event designed to teach them how to stay safer in the water. It’s almost as fun as being there!

3:45 minutes

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Previously Available Videos

DEMA 2006 - A fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina took place during the show.  For a fee you could attempt to dunk your favorite dive personality.  Here's a clip of the fun we had dunking Dick.  Click here.   Thank you to Bob Gladden for providing this video clip.


On Saturday, September 23rd, the San Diego Oceans Foundation awarded the 2006 Roger Revelle Award to Dick Long, Founder of Diving Unlimited International, Inc., in recognition for his contributions to man’s capacity to explore the ocean, with concern for the quality of the environment.  Click here to view a video presentation.

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