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Why Dive Dry? Why Dive DUI?

Why Dive DRY?

There are three main advantages drysuit divers have over wetsuit divers:

  1. Comfort
  2. Warmth
  3. Enjoyment
Comfort is a desire of all divers and it can mean something different to each diver. Comfort can be the way the suit fits – wetsuits can be uncomfortably snug. It can also be the flexibility/mobility of the fabric – wetsuits can be thick and bulky and inhibit your movement. Comfort can also be the moment when you realize you’re not thinking about your equipment and just focusing on the scenery. Wetsuits provide a very small “comfort zone” and when divers continually dive outside of this, enjoyment and motivation gradually decrease and they eventually stop diving. A proper-fitting drysuit constructed from quality materials greatly expands the “comfort zone” contributing greatly to a diver’s comfort in all kinds of water conditions.

Warmth is a key factor affecting comfort. This factor is not so subjective – science has proven that a diver loses body heat 25 times faster in water than air. Unless you’re diving in 98.6 degree water, every diver loses warmth in a wetsuit. Drysuits made from the right materials, coupled with proper insulation, reduce or eliminate the effects of cold on a diver’s body.

Enjoyment can be greatly enhanced when a diver doesn’t worry about their comfort or the cold. The effect of cold does not have to be bone-chilling to alter a diver’s enjoyment or safety. Symptoms can be as simple as loss of motivation and energy. Physiologists refer to this as “unjustified fatigue.” A drysuit reduces fatigue, which contributes to less air consumption and longer dives – and greater enjoyment.

The “Comfort Zone” Each diver has a different “comfort zone.” Wetsuits provide a very narrow “comfort zone” with little room for adjustment. Their performance is impacted by fit, dive depth, and changing environmental demands. Dive time, repetitive dives and a diver’s personal metabolic rate also affect this. As a result, many wetsuit divers are on the edge of, or outside, their “comfort zone,” often resulting in discomfort and fatigue – a potentially unsafe situation.

What is a Drysuit? Today’s drysuit systems consist of a shell suit to keep you totally dry, and insulated garments to keep you warm. This approach allows each diver to adjust the level of insulation for their own personal “comfort zone.” These modern drysuit systems also maintain their insulation at depth.

The Compression Factor. Increased depth means increased pressure – more compression. The drysuit system’s compression-resistant insulation means warmth and comfort at all depths. To a wetsuit diver, compression means decreased insulation. A wetsuit offers 1/2 its original insulation at 33 feet, 1/3 at 66 feet, and merely 1/4 at 99 feet. Decreasing insulation at potentially colder depths is uncomfortable and can have dangerous results. No current wetsuit system allows the diver to make the individual adjustments required to maintain performance with changing depth.

Why DUI? As the world’s leader in the design and manufacturing of drysuits, DUI provides a wide variety of drysuit and insulation strategies to meet the broad thermal protection, comfort, and performance requirements of every diver. This is made possible by DUI’s extensive experience and innovative technologies. And all DUI drysuits are manufactured in the USA. There is a difference.


Why Dive DUI?

There are five big reasons to choose DUI over all other drysuits:

  1. Fit
  2. Fit
  3. Fit
  4. Innovative Technology -28 patents
  5. Outstanding Customer Service
Fit Fit Fit is what divers tell us matters the most in a great drysuit experience. So if fit makes up 3 of the 5 factors in choosing a drysuit manufacturer, how does DUI stack up? No other drysuit maker comes close to the wide range of sizes available for both men and women – 15 for men and 18 for women, to be exact. And if a stock size doesn’t fit, DUI specializes in Special Production made-to-measure. But no matter what size you are, fabric options also contribute to the “fit factor.” When you combine size and fabric with add-ons and options, DUI is head and shoulders above the rest with virtually thousands of combinations that make your DUI drysuit uniquely your own.

Ever watch those TV specials or IMAX films about diving? DUI drysuit systems show up more than any other brand. And DUI drysuits are used by many elite military and Special Forces teams. If DUI is the pervasive choice for diving pros, it’s a great choice for divers at every level.

Innovative technology is another key reason to choose DUI. Consider that DUI has been an exclusive designer and manufacturer of drysuits since 1963. That’s almost 50 years of specialized focus on drysuit innovations! DUI has been awarded 28 US and international patents on technologies that have revolutionized diving, including hot-water heated diving systems; self-don zipper and telescoping torso; crushed neoprene fabric; Weight & Trim System; and ZipSeals. See the entire DUI patent list here.

Outstanding Customer Service is a term that many companies claim these days. But the real proof comes from the customers. Just ask other DUI owners. With close to 100,000 drysuits in the field, DUI receives accolades from divers all over the world. Outstanding customer service means easy access to a qualified team of people who can help you select the right drysuit. It means prompt answers to your questions. It means having technicians who can provide quick and efficient service for your DUI suit with virtually thousands of various options to choose from. It also means continuous improvement to all processes and products, which resulted in DUI achieving ISO 9001:2008 recertification in 2012. We use customer feedback to make DUI not only a fantastic company to do business with today, but even better tomorrow. With a 7-Year Limited Warranty and almost 50 years of outstanding customer service to back it up, DUI is one of the best diving investments you will ever make.