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Your Waterproof Zipper is the Heart and Soul of Your Drysuit


Just like eating right and getting exercise is good for your heart, the DUI Drysuit “Surgeon General” has some recommendations for you to help your drysuit zipper live a long and happy life:

  • Do not “muscle” in or out of your drysuit – it stresses the ends of the zipper
  • Make certain your zipper is open all the way when putting on and taking off your suit
  • Before taking off your self-don suit, undo your crotch strap and pull the telescoping torso above your waist – this will give you plenty of room when pulling the suit over your head
  • Rinse your zipper with fresh water after every dive day
  • Lubricate your zipper after every dive day with zipper wax or DUI ZipStick on the exterior portion of the drysuit zipper
  • Do not use silicone spray as it attracts dirt
  • Every six months or 25 dives, gently scrub you zipper with a soft toothbrush using mild soap and water.  Lubricate your zipper after this
  • If your zipper is fraying, remove any excess threads with a small pair of sharp scissors, be careful not to cut any of the rubber just the loose threads.
  • Store your drysuit with the waterproof zipper in the open position.

View our quick page on how to lubricate your drysuit zipper by clicking here.

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